It is so easy telling others how to make small changes for lifelong longevity, but at the same time I am listening to the success stories and I am struggling with my personal battle as a Wellness Coach.

I am 50 years and I want to be Fita50 and on my bucket list is to run the New York Marathon.  I have decided to follow my own advise and document my year long success with you..... so come and join me on my journey for the next year 2016 . 

My on again, off again exercise and diet habits are getting me nowhere. I must admit I have lost weight within the past year when I started making changes in my life I was well over 320 lbs. My blood pressure have drop where I do not need any medication, I am at risk for diabetes because of gestation diabetes in my pregnancies. Lifestyle changes have helped me but I know I can get great results if I press on and take my own advice that I give others. 


 December2015 I am 280 lbs............I need to be consistent with my exercise. I am training for a 10k. I am a C25K graduate. I need to journal my food intake take.  Drink my 8-10 glasses of water.  Lose 2-3 lbs a week. 

Join me with Walking for Weight Loss for your exercise needs. Walking at 6.00am weekdays and 8.00 weekends. Our conference number is 712 432 1500 ccess code 612330. Thanks for our continual support.


The plan pray and meditate first thing in the morning, then exercise. Detox for my body hot water with lemon/ginger every morning., eating every 3-4 hours.  Stop eating before  7 pm at night. Pray and meditate before bedtime and a good night sleep with herbal tea.  Continue to follow me....

Jumpstart our new year with the Black Girls walk/run in your city on Jan 01 2016. 

In the Charlotte area. When: New Year?s Day Where: Freedom Park 1900 East Boulevard(by the train) What: 3 mile run/walk Time: Meet up at 7:30am Run/Walk: Promptly at 8am All levels welcome!