I  started Wellness To Soul Purpose in 2009 to help educate our communities that they can maintain a lifestyle that maintains overall health and well-being.   I am on a journey myself and it would be great meeting new friends to accompany me on my journey 2016.  

I am a Nurse by profession, a Wellness Coach and Lifestyle Weight Management Specialist.(NESTA Certified). I am actively pursuing  my Personal Trainer's certification.Our motto.Surrender your spirit...Renew your mind...Love  your body.

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I am continuing Walking for Weight Loss in my community and I am excited that I can go a step further to reach more friends, clients, customers and fellow entrepreneurs with "Living healthy in our Communities 2016". We walk everyday in our communities using the new technology of conference calling. Walking at 6.00 am weekdays and 8.00 am weekends. Our conference number is 712 432 1500712 432 1500 access code 612330". Thanks for your continual support.

Our Community

We are here to support each other reach their personal journey to optimum health and have fun while we are on our journey. 
I am a Nurse by profession who enjoy teaching wellness. I am a Wellness Coach your partner in creating solutions to help you see and achieve the possibilities with accountability with action. [email protected]

Wellness is about the body, mind,and spirit thus reflecting the wide range of personal definitions of being well: exercising more consistently and effectively, losing weight, feeling stronger and more energetic, eating proper amounts of nutritious foods, practicing gratitude and appreciation, making time for you, experiencing a sense of connectedness and peace, feeling calm and balanced, being happy and energized.and finding a stronger sense of purpose.

When you take the focus off of your wants and desires and focus on the wants and desires of others, and how you can help them get them, your own wants and desires become a reality. When you help people change their lives, they want to help you change yours.....Come join me on my journey........to optimum health. 

Our Spirit

It's time to re-awaken a sureness of purpose within 

ourselves and all people.Vigilance, optimism and our

pointed participation are so needed now.

In our spirit knowing so deeply that this is a time of

transformation for you and me. Our awakening its our time to rise.......

Sacred space for healing and inner cheering. It will help you honor the

perfection God made and find and follow the divine right path life has prepared for you.